I am a vegan UI Engineer with over a decade of experience working on mobile-first, consumer-facing websites and internal data-analysis tools. I have worked the full-stack using Javascript, jQuery, PHP, Java, MySQL, XML, HTML, and CSS. I even managed to survived the browser wars (attempting to appease browsers as old as Netscape 4 and IE5 on the Mac!).

I have a passion for compassion as well as for technology and I’m hoping this site will become a meeting place of like-minded professionals.

I would love for this to become a central location where like-minded vegan professionals — software developers, web developers, web designers, artists, marketing professionals, you name it — can find others with whom they can collaborate on projects. We all have skills we’d love to apply to projects that support our vision of the world. Let’s come together, with our unique skills and common ethical mindset, and build these together.

In that vein, I’m inviting other vegan professionals to join me in developing this site and growing it into a successful, cruelty-free, resource for like-minded businesses and individuals seeking to create or enhance their web presence.

I am looking forward to working with you! If you are seeking software development services for your own project, or if you’d like to just say hi, please contact me via LinkedIn, or directly, at cecile (at) thisdomain (veganhacker) to get this ball rolling! I’d love to hear from you.